"Thank you for your fine work, expert guidance and patience with all the various changes as we went along!"

-Dr. Thomas Conroy, Founder and President, Apollo Solar Power

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About Our Name

In 1415, King Henry V of England and the English army engaged the French army in battle near the French village of Agincourt. In a battle immortalized by William Shakespeare, the English force of 6,000 men overcame over 20,000 French in a decisive victory that ultimately led to English rule over Normandy for the next 35 years. The English victory is attributed to three key strengths:

> Superior technology: The English long bow proved vastly more effective than the French cross-bow                                                       

> Superior strategy: Henry carefully chose his field position and positioned his troops in advance of the battle, enabling him to draw the French into battle on his terms                                                

> Superior leadership: Henry instilled in his troops a passion to win despite the seemingly overwhelming odds

Agincourt Consulting Group works with clients who possess superior technology or other market-leading business models, as well as superior existing leadership and a passion to succeed. We then help those clients to develop a superior strategy and path to execution that - in combination with their technology and leadership - will enable them to achieve their goals.

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