"Thank you for your fine work, expert guidance and patience with all the various changes as we went along!"

-Dr. Thomas Conroy, Founder and President, Apollo Solar Power

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Company Overview

Agincourt Consulting Group is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses navigate their way through complex transactions and other critical junctures in their development.  We call it “Transaction Management”.  While we can add value to businesses of all sizes and to management teams of all backgrounds, our greatest strength is guiding management teams who haven’t “been there, done that” through these transactions and other critical junctures – because we have

Most companies undergo at least one – and often several – major transactions during their development, whether it be a round of capital raising, acquiring a competitor, a strategic partnership with an industry participant, selling the business outright, or a variety of other transactions.  The process can be daunting for a management team that has not gone through the drill before.  More importantly, unfamiliarity with the transaction process can compromise the deal terms, often in the form of reduced valuation, and increases the risk that the deal may never close. (Professionals call this “deal risk”.)  Leading a significant transaction also often proves to be a near-full time job, and as a result it can easily distract management from their primary role of running the core business.

Our experience in positioning companies before undertaking major transactions, together with our experience in “project managing” the process once the transaction is under way, is an excellent way to optimize the outcome, minimize deal risk and enable management to keep to what they do best: operating their business.  Our consultants bring to the engagement not only the knowledge of how to go about raising capital, buying or selling a company, or mapping a new corporate strategy, but experience in the real-world task of executing each of those strategies.  In addition to serving as an extension of the management team, we can also serve as an advisor to investors, assisting them in evaluating, executing and overseeing their investments in private companies.  Specific ways that we can help you achieve these results are outlined under the Services menu.

We offer a unique hybrid in our services, reflecting the fusion of finance experience, legal experience and operational experience that our consultants bring to the task.  An investment banker’s primary role is to source a transaction for you and evaluate its terms.  A lawyer’s primary role is to structure and document the transaction to reflect the business terms that have already been struck by the principals.  An accountant’s primary role is to advise you on the accounting implications of the transaction.  None of them is positioned to see the transaction from all of those angles the way we can. 

Not only do we bring the practical business experience that most investment bankers, lawyers and accountants lack, we take a hands-on approach beyond what any of them offers, getting in the trenches with you and taking charge of the process.  Engage us at a planning stage and we can even help you to position your company to optimize the outcome before the specific opportunity is before you. 

Agincourt Consulting Group looks for clients who possess superior technology or other market-leading business models, together with excellent leadership and a passion to succeed. We then help those clients to develop a superior strategy and path to execution that - in combination with our client's technology and leadership - will enable them to achieve their goals. Do you have that kind of passion? If so, let us help to put you on the path to success.

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